Insurance Supplement

What is an Insurance Supplement?

A supplement is necessary when the estimates don’t include the cost of repairing additional damage that wasn’t originally noted or seen and can even be from part price difference (PPD).

This is when an insurance company lists a price for a part on the estimate but the shop can’t find it for that price. (This is usually when an insurance company is trying to put aftermarket parts to keep costs down).

One common example of hidden damage is when the damage is found once parts are removed and finding interior components are damaged.

This is why you need to hire the best auto repair shop to handle the communication process and supplement requests, which means adjusters have to come back out to inspect the newfound damage. This can and most likely will delay the process of the repair.

You’ve Totaled Your Car. Now What?

You’ve Totaled Your Car. Now What?

After a bad collision, you may learn that your car has been declared totaled. This means that the car has been deemed unfixable or that the cost of the repairs outweighs the car’s value. But who determines if a car is a total loss? And what can you do about it? Read on to learn more about what to do if your car is declared totaled.

Fake Car Parts

Why Are Aftermarket or Imitation Car Parts So Dangerous?

Your car was damaged in a car accident. You file a claim. Your insurance company sends you to their “preferred” shop and low and behold, the cost of the repairs was significantly cheaper than you imagined it would be. It’s common for most people to simply assume that their insurance company got lucky and move forward with the repairs. However, drivers with experience in the auto industry, car repairs, and auto body work will consistently ask if the repair will include aftermarket car parts. If they do, they’ll urge for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts instead or look to more reputable alternative shops to cover the repairs. Read on to learn what aftermarket car parts are and why car experts will always avoid them.  More…

Why Should I Know About Diminished Value?

Why Should I Know About Diminished Value?

You may hear the term diminished value quite often after you’ve been in a car accident. But what exactly is it and why should you care? Below you’ll find important information on what diminished value means, the different types of diminished value, and why you should care about it if you’ve been in an auto accident.


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