You’ve Totaled Your Car. Now What?

Auto accident in Miami?

Car accidents often lead to stress, headaches, and confusion -- but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re ready to talk to the right person about car repair after a crash, call Collision Management today.  We only work with the best Miami collision repair shops, and so should you.

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What’s Wrong with Your Insurance Company’s “Preferred” Auto Repair Shop

At Collision Management, our car repair specialists have a goal: to let everyone living in the Miami area know that their insurance company does not have their best interest in mind. This unfortunate fact all comes down to their budget. Your insurance company’s goal is to save money, so why would they send you to a top-quality Miami collision repair shop when they can send you to a below-average auto repair center that helps them save money? 

Most insurance companies have relationships with auto repair shops involved in a DRP (Direct Repair Program). These shops are rated by how quickly they can repair a car, not on the quality of the repair. They typically use aftermarket or imitation car parts, cut corners on repairs, and lack attention to detail. The worst part? These quick and cheap repairs make your car unsafe. Collision Management wants South Florida residents to know that these DRP shops are not their only options. To get connected with the most reputable Miami collision repair shops, contact Collision Management and speak to a car repair specialist. 

How Does Collision Management Work?

After a car accident, there’s a strong chance your insurance company will send you to an auto repair center that doesn’t meet your expectations. The truth is, most insurance companies partner up with Miami auto collision repair shops that perform under par. The good news is, you have the right to do something about it. 

  • Step 1. Contact Collision Management and speak to one of our trusted Miami collision repair experts.
  • Step 2. Discuss the damage and the make and model of your car.
  • Step 3. Get connected with the best possible Miami collision repair technician that specializes in restoring your vehicle. 

It’s that easy! We even offer 24-hour free towing to and from our shops for those who don’t feel comfortable driving after an accident or have severely damaged vehicles. 

Services You Can Find with Collision Management

When searching for Miami collision repair near me, remember that Collision Management can connect you with the following services :

  • Miami Auto Accident Restoration 
  • Miami Auto Painting 
  • Miami Collision Repair 
  • Miami Auto Body Repair 
  • Miami Body Dent Repair 
  • Miami Frame Alignment 

Why You Can Trust Our Recommended Auto Repair Centers

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with auto repair centers, experienced technicians, and restoration experts in Miami and all over South Florida. These are auto repair shops that our car specialists send their vehicles for repairs and maintenance, so we know these are people we can trust. 

The auto repair centers that work with Collision Management have three key areas in mind when fixing damaged cars and trucks. First, their bottom line is safety. Our technicians won’t return a vehicle to an owner unless it’s repaired properly, tested, and approved by an expert. Second, they keep your vehicle’s value in mind. They only use parts that have been checked and certified by your car’s manufacturer. They use incredible attention to detail to ensure you that every inch has been restored to the best of their ability. Lastly, their reputation and relationship with Collision Management matters, so they make customer service a top priority. 

Miami Collision Repair

For the best possible Miami auto repairs and restoration after an accident, contact Collision Management today. Remember that it’s your car, so it should be your choice!


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