You’ve Totaled Your Car. Now What?

Auto accident in Pompano?

Are you looking for repairs after an auto accident? Not impressed with your insurance company’s “preferred” car repair shop? Contact Collision Management today. We’ve partnered up with all the best Pompano collision repair shops, and our auto repair specialists are ready to provide you with a better option.

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The Problem with Your Insurance Company’s “Preferred” Repair Shop

Insurance companies often offer a faux sense of support after an auto accident. They might answer your call, provide excellent customer service, and give efficient estimates, but do they have your best interest in mind? Unfortunately, insurance companies classify a Pompano auto collision repair center as “preferred” for one reason: it saves them money. After a collision, your insurance company’s budget shouldn’t be the bottom line -- your safety and the quality of your car repairs should be. 

These recommended auto body and repair shops aim to fix damaged vehicles quickly and in the cheapest way possible. That means they’re not providing thorough and proper repairs, using aftermarket or imitation car parts, and not putting your safety first. Most drivers don’t realize that they do have options after a car crash. You have the right to choose a different auto repair shop. It’s your car, so it should be your choice!

Top Reasons Why People Love Collision Management

Our customers prefer to work with our collision management specialists over any other car professional for several reasons: 

  1. We understand that the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful. We consider their current circumstances and handle our customers with care. 
  2. We’re ready to share our exclusive Pompano auto repair connections with our South Florida community.
  3. We connect our customers with the most reputable, trustworthy, and experienced car repair technicians and auto body specialists. 
  4. The repair shops we work with take safety seriously. 
  5. The repair shops we work with only use certified original car parts. 
  6. Our customers with electric, classic, or luxury cars can rest assured knowing we only send their vehicles to repair specialists with extensive experience working on their car’s make and model. 
  7. We offer free 24-hour towing to and from our collision repair centers. 
  8. We help you get your car fixed right the first time! 

Our Pompano Collision Repair Connections

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, truck, classic automobile, or luxury vehicle; our collision management specialists can get you to the right place with the best possible Pompano collision repair technicians. Collision Management can connect you with the following services: 

  • Pompano Auto Accident Restoration 
  • Pompano Auto Painting 
  • Pompano Collision Repair 
  • Pompano Auto Body Repair 
  • Pompano Auto Body Dent Repair 
  • Pompano Frame Alignment 

Is your car too damaged to drive? Do you feel uncomfortable about driving after a dangerous collision? Not a problem. We provide free 24-hour towing to and from our trusted Pompano auto collision repair centers.

Contact Collision Management in Pompano

When you call Collision Management after an accident, we act fast to ensure your car or truck ends up in the right hands. Remember that bringing your vehicle to an insurance company’s suggested shop can decrease your car’s value and be unsafe for you and your family. Contact Collision Management today to get connected with top-quality Pompano collision repairs. 


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