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Why Are Aftermarket or Imitation Car Parts So Dangerous?

Your car was damaged in a car accident. You file a claim. Your insurance company sends you to their “preferred” shop and low and behold, the cost of the repairs was significantly cheaper than you imagined it would be. It’s common for most people to simply assume that their insurance company got lucky and move forward with the repairs. However, drivers with experience in the auto industry, car repairs, and auto body work will consistently ask if the repair will include aftermarket car parts. If they do, they’ll urge for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts instead or look to more reputable alternative shops to cover the repairs. Read on to learn what aftermarket car parts are and why car experts will always avoid them. 

What Are Aftermarket or Imitation Car Parts? 

Aftermarket car parts, also referred to as imitation or generic car parts, are made by independent companies that are not associated with your car’s manufacturer. They’re not used car parts, but they are made of cheaper materials, which is what makes their cost so low. One key factor to remember when dealing with aftermarket car parts is that they DON’T require a certification, unlike OEM parts which DO require tests and certifications. This means aftermarket car parts are not tested for safety or effectiveness. Not only are aftermarket car parts lower quality, but they also don’t meet the industry standards. 

Why Are Aftermarket or Imitation Car Parts Dangerous? 

Car repair and collision experts always recommend going for OEM car parts for a number of different reasons, but the most significant reason is safety. Because these independent manufacturers are trying to cut costs, they use cheap materials to create aftermarket car parts. When major car manufacturers, like Ford Motor Company, tested aftermarket car parts they found that these non-OEM parts didn’t perform as successfully in crash tests in comparison to their original equipment. This proves that using poorer quality parts puts you and your family in serious danger when you’re out on the road with aftermarket or generic car parts. 

You Have Options

It’s always important to remember that you have options when it comes to car repair and autobody work after a collision. Your insurance company wants to work with independent repair shops that only use aftermarket car parts for a reason: to save their company money. Your safety and the value of your vehicle aren’t at the top of their priority list. However, you DO have options! The car experts at Collision Management can direct you to the most reputable and trustworthy car repair and autobody shops in South Florida. Contact Collision Management and have your car repaired the right way and the safest way. 


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