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4 Tips to Avoid Auto Body Claim Mistakes

  • Using the Insurance Company's "Preferred" Shop! Don’t trust your auto insurance company’s preferred auto body or repair shop!
  • Allowing Claims Representatives to Persuade You! Remember that your insurance company’s referral shop has a primary objective of keeping costs low, which means you’re sacrificing safety.
  • Releasing A Totaled Vehicle to the Insurance Before Reaching a Settlement!
  • Call Collision Management and talk to our knowledgeable collision specialists that can connect you with the most reputable car repair and auto body shops in South Florida.
  • Bring your car or truck to Collision Management’s recommended shop and get top-quality repairs from technicians that specialize in your car’s make and model —because it’s your car, so it should be your choice!


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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many cars are too damaged to drive after a collision. In some cases, clients may even feel apprehensive or uncomfortable driving after a bad accident. That’s why we offer 24-hour free towing to and from our shops as well as free pick up and delivery.
Every auto body repair shop is different, and the extent of the repair process will depend on the severity of your vehicle’s damage. However, you can usually expect the following steps when you bring your car in for repairs:

1. Estimate: The auto body shop will examine the damage to your vehicle to compile an initial estimate. This will give you an idea of the extent of the damage and the potential cost of repairs.

2. Insurance Approval: The auto body shop will submit the estimate to your insurance company. There may be some back and forth here, but you shouldn’t be too involved with this step.

3. Disassembly: The technicians will take apart your vehicle and create a blueprint of the repairs.

4. Order Parts: Once there’s a blueprint, replacement parts will be ordered. This involves coordination with the insurance company in order to get the best parts at the best price.

5. Repairs: This covers all structural and mechanical repairs. In most instances, this step can begin before the new parts arrive.

6. Painting: A new coat of paint helps restore vehicles back to their factory finish.

7. Reassembly: After all the pieces are freshly painted, the vehicle is fully reassembled.

8. Detailing: This step includes vacuuming, cleaning and final touches.

9. Final Inspection and Delivery: The quality control department inspects the vehicle. Upon their approval, your vehicle is ready to be picked up.
Many insurance carriers also have made agreements with DRP body shops stating that they are responsible for “extra days” it takes to repair a vehicle. This makes the shop liable for the extra days, but wait a minute… So why are they dictating the duration of time it takes to get the job done correctly when it’s not their area of expertise? Because it’s their job to maximize profits for themselves by cutting costs. Costs that are concrete expenses necessary to produce sufficient results. So it’s your job to take control of the “steering wheel” by not allowing your insurance company to steer you in the wrong direction by letting Collision Management do the driving and steer you in the right direction by helping you find reliable collision centers and repair shops.
Direct repair programs, aka DRP shops are strictly graded on how QUICKLY they get a vehicle in and out of their repair facilities! This means that if you are looking for the best repair shop near Hollywood Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Davie, or Coral Springs, and you contact your insurance company they will simply point your towards DRP shops that sacrifice quality for speed, so they don’t get dropped from the insurance companies.
1.) Ineffective sub par repair methods that will cost you more time and money later on repairs. 2.) Diminishing value on your cars resell value. 3.) Cheap after market parts may be used to compensate for the low labor rate insurance carriers provide to DRP body shops.
If you are involved in an accident in South Florida: 1.) Check to see if everyone is okay or if anyone has been injured. 2.) Always contact the local authorities to document the accident. 3.) Find a quality repair facility you can trust with your vehicle by calling (888) 614–9616 to get knowledgeable advice on how to get the help you deserve. 4.) Then call the insurance company last to notify them of where you car will be repaired. 5.) A reputable shop will always negotiate the claim for you with the insurance company.
When taking your vehicle to a "Preferred" DRP autobody repair shop consider asking these important questions:
  • Who's repairing my vehicle? You or the insurance company?
  • Have you used or are planning to use imitation or non-original conterfeit parts on my vehicle?
  • Are you going to replace the car parts with new ones or going to repair the parts?
  • Does your auto shop cut corners on car repairs to save insurance companies money?

Discover The Original 1963 consent Decree

Discover why many claims handlers have a psychology degree in order to manipulate 60% of people into falling into the trap of taking their vehicle to a recommended direct repair facility.

If you speak to an insurance agent that is trying to convince you to take your car to one of their repair shops they are breaking a federal mandate signed by representative from 256 different insurance carriers known as The Original 1963 consent Decree.

What is Steering?


Our collision service experts will direct you to a certified collision center for your make and model and setup you up with a claim representative at the shop to discuss the claim process and or help you to make the claim.

You Can Choose Your Auto Repair Shop

You Can Choose Your Auto Repair Shop

Contrary to what your insurance company may want you to think, you don’t actually have to get your car repaired at the auto body shop they recommend. Your insurance company will have a list of preferred auto repair shops that they work with most often, but it’s ultimately your choice.

What is an Insurance Supplement?

What is an Insurance Supplement?

A supplement is necessary when the estimates don't include the cost of repairing additional damage that wasn't originally noted or seen and can even be from part price difference (PPD). continue reading

Let Your Auto Repair Shop Handle All Insurance Communications

Let Your Auto Repair Shop Handle All Insurance Communications

Aside from starting the claims process, there’s really no need for you to be the middle man between your repair shop and your insurance company. Your repair shop should coordinate all of the work being done to your vehicle for you, from the initial estimate to final billing.

Don't Let Your Insurance Steer You From Genuine OEM Parts

Don't Let Your Insurance Steer You From Genuine OEM Parts

Most insurance companies want you to accept aftermarket parts in order to save money. OEM Genuine parts go through rigorous testing like crash testing for example. Host aftermarket parts are not tested and that's is one of the most important reasons why it's important to pick the right auto repair shop that will fight for OEM parts to be installed on your vehicle.

What happens when your airbag deploys seven-hundredths of a second to late?

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We are experts with Auto Collision Repairs and Accident Claims!

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